Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the rest is as good or better

The kids leave tomorrow morning. We're meeting them for breakfast and then my brother will ride the light rail with them to the airport (driving to the airport in rush hour traffic is a dumb idea).

We had a great day. We had breakfast at Margaux's and it was excellent. And then on to Ride The Duck which was freezing cold but really fun. I had not been on that tour since they had a big accident about four years ago. The tour is now different - a driver plus a tourguide (instead of two in one) and a different route. It was good and it was fun.

Then home via the new tunnel. We got home just as the game started. And, the game ended with a lovely result. Unless, of course, you are a Boston fan. Matt and Bill also helped me take down the terrace curtains, wash them and rehang them which is something I really can't do myself. Now they are back up, all clean.

Matt wanted steak for dinner and I did, too and The Skillet Diner has a great steak and frites so off we went. Except, turns out, they took it off the menu a couple of months ago without bothering to update the online menu. So no steak. So we had a drank and found a new place and had a lovely meal at Zane + Wylie's.

I never used Lyft before this weekend and now I'm a regular but I must say that every single ride (and we made about 10) was lovely. A very nice experience.

Tomorrow I may well have time for a proper update. My brother, when he gets back from the airport, has work to do. I have laundry to do. But, really, that's it. It will be nice to do nothing and get caught up on LJ and Instagram and email.
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