Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's late and I'm beat but...

We beat the Red Sox again! Our seats tonight were way better than those from Thursday and I think cost less. But, now I know the second best sections for tickets - 234-about 240 rows 9-12.

Before that we had breakfast at one of the most hipster places I have ever been to. The Tilicum Cafe was massively pretentious in every way possible. It was funny. And the coffee was good.

Then on to the Space Needle which was a huge hit. Then on to the Amazon Spheres and the Amazon Go Store (where you beep in with the app, get what you want and leave).

Then home, then burgers, then the game.

There were two traumas. I discovered this morning that my credit card was missing. It could be in the Lyft car, dropped on the street or in the restaurant from last night which didn't open til 3 today. I finally got someone on the phone about 2:20 and yep they had it. YEAH!!!

But mainly there was transportation trauma. Getting four people from here to there and there and there and there with a car that seats 2 has issues even when that town has tons of cars for hire in all flavors. Finally I grabbed a Car2Go and rented it for 24 hours so at least tomorrow we can get around and do stuff.

But, first. It is late and I am beat. So I am going to bed.

Did I mention that the Mariners beat the Red Sox again? Out of 3 games against them we've won two. And... we are still... and will even still tomorrow be... the best team in Baseball!!!!
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