Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The best birthday ever - really

Today was amazing from start to finish. And I am exhausted. Too exhausted to do anything but bullets now.

We did a driving tour of the city and then had cake and then went to the ballgame where at first Boston beat us up and then we pounded their silly asses. 12-4. So so so satisfying. I wore my sneakers with the soles that flash colored LED lights and I turned the lights on with the last out. It made for a fun walk home. Where we had more cake.

My nephew and his wife are just the most fun and really funny. They kept telling me happy birthday all day long and then after every run. And they have the nicest manners. They are vocally appreciative of everything. Just delightful.

Tomorrow it's more touring and the ferris wheel and pike place market and sushi.

They showed this on the jumbo tron. Cracked me up.

Thank you to everyone who reads this journal and left birthday wishes. They all just made my day even better.

Seriously, the best birthday ever.
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