Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting ready

My sleep has gone to shit. I think/hope it's a spring time thing. Allergies, crap in the air, attitude. I wake up a bascillion times a night with critical dry mouth or can't breath-itis or have to pee or not comfortable at all. The past two nights have just been terrible. I've tried everything short of a cpap machine. A week or two more of this kind of sleep is going to lower my cpap resistance down to GIVE ME ONE RIGHT NOW.

My brother is likely boarding his plane right now. He stops in Las Vegas and then on to here. He lands here about 3.

Meanwhile I'm really ready. I did straighten all the fabric shelves yesterday and then went on to turn the sewing room into the guest room. So now no sewing but plenty of time for that next week and after.

Usually, I ride the light rail out to the airport to pick up my brother. But I think I'm going to drive out today to test out the cell phone parking lot. We're going to be going back to the airport tomorrow to pick up Matt and Cyndi (Nephew and his wife) at nearly the exact same time so I figure this will be a dry run. With traffic and airport drive maneuvering, the total time portal to portal is about the same... maybe a little less for driving.

The Mariners played an exhibition game at the stadium here last night against San Diego and got creamed. I only watched about 7 innings and each and every one was painful. Thangod it does not count. Nor does the one they have today. Whew. Then, next up. Thursday. The real deal.

None of the Zappos shoes even fit me. They were all too small to wear comfortably. My feet have, apparently, spread out in my old age. Also they are no longer the same size which is kind of a problem. But, I decided to quit worrying about it. I have sandals that are supremely comfortable and have support for my flat as a pancake feet. I don't have any straight up athletic shoes and probably my chance of doing any straight up athletics is slim so that works out.

Heck, I even cheated on my vow to walk every day. I did it until this past Sunday when I got hit with an attack of the idontwannas. And so I didn't. Athletics and me will just never be on speaking terms. Swimming doesn't count.

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