Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And, so it begins... the week I turn 70

I'm not sure why turning 70 is such a big deal to me. Usually my birthdays go by without much notice. There have been some notables...

When I turned 16. I got my driver's license that day. It was also a big birthday for my Mom as I also ran my first errand for her that day and chauffeured my brother and sister to wherever they needed to be. She called it Mom Liberation Day.

When I turned 21, I could vote and buy booze. That was a big deal.

The next big one for me was 40.

I was working for IBM in Rochester, MN. There was a portable highway sign that popped up all over town for various events. It was a true Rochester thing. My friend, John, arranged for it to be on the side of the road outside the IBM plant as I drove in to work that day.

It led to an entire day of celebration where ever I went. We were also entertaining a very big customer that day with several IBM executives in from New York. I was the speech writer supposedly invisible in the back to the room. Except not that day. And, at the end of it, at the big customer dinner, they rolled out a huge birthday cake. It was quite the birthday.

For my 50th birthday, I met 3 friends in Las Vegas for the weekend and we had a ball.

70 promises to top them all. And it happens this week. My brother arrives tomorrow afternoon. Then my nephew and his wife on Wednesday.

Today will be tidying up day. The sewing room needs to turn back into a guest room and the fabric stash needs to be reshelved so that it does not look like an unholy mess.

My Zappos shoes arrive today in two batches - one via UPS and one via FedEx. I hope to love one pair but no more. The rest will be boxed up and taken down to the UPS OUT boxes in the package area of the garage.

This morning's swim revealed that I'm going to be making a new swimsuit after all my company leaves. My favorite one is failing. The spandex just gives out. And, I usually have 4 or 5 to rotate through but lately it's been only 3. I should make a couple of new ones. I have the fabric already. I just need to do it.

The gym opened late the morning. The regular guy - Frank - wasn't there... in fact, no one was. Finally the maintenance guy showed up at 5:07 and let us all in. But about a dozen had left by then. 7 minutes seems way longer at 5 am especially when you don't know if it's going to be 7 or 70. Turns out Frank had switched with Amanda and Amanda forgot. Bad bad bad Amanda. She's lucky that everyone loves her so much. BUT, it is the second time she's been late recently so the love is getting some crust on it.

Ok, time for me to get shakin'... this birthday week ain't going to start itself!

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