Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So what are you doing today?

Yesterday, I did two things I hate to do. Today, I'm not doing any of that.

Against my better judgement, I went back to Rudy's and got my hair cut. The hair cutter wanted to know what happened to my hair and I told her that if she didn't ask, I wouldn't have to make up a stupid story. Then a bit later she asked again and, again, I told her not to ask. And to just do the best she could and I would be grateful for what I got. She finally shut the fuck up and did a decent job. Hopefully, that will be my last time.

But, not the last time to sit across from a stranger and be asked "so what are you doing today?" Obviously getting my hair cut.

Then I went to get a manicure. I picked the wrong place. She said she could fit me in and then made me wait 30 minutes. I got up to leave and she went out on the street to call me back in. "I do you now." I should have kept going. Not only was it the worst manicure ever, I had to hear "so what are you doing today?" again.

I need to made a shirt that says THIS IS A NO CHIT CHAT ZONE. But, somehow I don't think even that would work.

Today is a new day and I'm going nowhere. If anyone wants to ask me what I'm doing today it will need to be the cat.

The pool was full today but full of regulars so it was a fun swim. Oh and the Sunday desk guy let me in 5 minutes early which always tickles me beyond what is reasonable. The lights in the pool weren't even on yet (they are on a timer).

I've noticed outside of the pool but now and again while swimming, that my COPD is getting a little worse. I'm slowing down and sometimes even have to stop to cough before I can go on. I'm lucky to have lasted this long without any major problems. Also it might be spring allergies. But I'm turning into a very loud breather. At least mostly no one has to listen to it but me.

I should make more bears today but I think I'm going to make another shirt instead. I have this fun fabric in my stash that just needs to be worn. Then, I need to spend some quality time reorganizing the fabric shelves. They are beginning to look a little sloppy.

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