Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Productive but...

This project for the University design team involves making 4 short videos. They are all done except one. I have the two pieces shot but getting them merged is dragging out. It's because I'm near the end and I'm ready to be done. I think there is very little more tedious and annoying than video editing. Especially when it's me talking. I'm sick of hearing myself.

I did make the top out of the fabric that paints itself in the sun. Can't wait to wear it ... in the sun!

I went out for my walk this morning and got hit with a huge attack of the shin splints - both shins. OWIE. I decided it was my shoes. So I came home and fired up Zappos and ordered a bunch. I'm not sure any of them will work. My feet are so picky. But, we'll know on Monday - or worst case, Tuesday.

Fortunately, it's been nice enough to have the door closed all day so no monster engine roars.

I'm totally uninspired about dinner. I may just have Trader Joe's Orange Chicken... again. I'm sure I'm going to get tired of that soon but not yet. It's so good and soooooo easy.

The video finally merged and I got it uploaded and copied over to where I needed them all to be an and email sent off with the info. Finito! Done! Finished!! Yeah!
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