Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bus stop, wet day She's there, I say Please share my umbrella

I took my walk around the block around a different block today and made a very cool discovery.

When I first moved in here - January 1991 - there was a bus stop on the corner and I used it a whole lot. The buses that stopped there took me up to Pike Place Market and beyond. I discovered Seattle from that bus stop. Then, one by one, they started moving buses from that stop. Then they moved the stop up two and a half blocks. Then about 5 years ago, they moved the last buses. The end. We now have to go from here on 1st Ave to 4th Ave to get a bus. Pain in the Ave.

But, up on 4th is also the bus tunnel which goes under downtown and makes lots of stops there. It's quite handy to use so ok.

Except, now they are moving all the buses out of the tunnel and reserving it for the light rail line only. So all the buses now are back on surface streets. (Surface street buses make turns and stop all kinds of crazy places so much harder to figure out.) Pain in the Ave.

Also, even though the gym is only 11 miles from here on a very busy road, it is fairly impossible to get from here to there on public transpiration. You either have to walk a really long way or take two buses in an lovely around-your-elbow-to-get-to-your-knee scenario.

But, today, on my walk, I discovered, one block from here a whole new bus stop!! Starting this Saturday. And one of the buses is a frequent flyer that goes directly between here and the gym!!!! YES!! This is major. I will be able to take the bus to and from the gym any time I want. Wow. Very cool.

Also, very cool to have handy bus stops, once again, that go up to the center of town regularly. This is so good.

I finished my new top and it's fun. I can't seem to get a good photo so you'll just have to trust me. I did take a video, though, of the magic fabric that paints itself in the sun.

I'm going to cut that shirt out as soon as I fold the laundry and put it away which is happening right now.

Also, turn off your sound your you'll hear my stupid COPD breathing. I should really not breathe during videos. Sorry.

Also I need to stop taking vertical videos!

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