Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I've got a fix for that!

It turns out I don't have many in between season clothes. Tops, really. I wear one of my many pairs of identical black pants every day but my tops vary with the seasons. Mostly my winter tops are high necked and long sleeved. My summer tops are no necked and short sleeved. I have a couple that fall in the middle but not enough so ...

Today turned out to be a sewing day! I have a very health stash of large pieces of fabric. I picked out two sets - because I can't make a top out of just one fabric - and started on one. My back got tired so I decided to finish tomorrow but the top I'm working on is made from 100% Goodwill fabric - cafe curtains and a bed sheet. Top number 2 will be out of some random Goodwill fabric and a knit whose acquisition I don't remember.

But, I do get such delight from just being able to wander down my hallway, pick out something from the shelf and bingo bango have new clothes.

The house cleaner went over the outdoor carpet on the terrace with her industrial vacuum and yeah, no need to replace it. It looks great! In fact, the whole house does. Clean and fresh. Now I just have to keep it that way til next week and my company arrives.

My face is feeling way less besieged by crap in the air today which is lovely. I did remember yesterday that I do have a very good nose flusher. But I've been reluctant to use it since that Seattle woman got a worm in her brain from using hers with plain tap water. Normally that kind of stuff does not affect me but I can't get it out of my mind - especially since it was using Seattle water. So today, at the grocery, I blew a whole $.99 on a gallon of distilled water. So now I can feel free to flush out my nose whenever I want.

I have the new Sewing Bee episode and I think I'll just watch that right now.
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