Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

slooooow start, but hey, it's saturday

I slept 3 hours longer than I normally do... so, yeah, I'm rested. We weather is for sure changing. The guy who is at the gym when it opens every morning and wears the exact same thing every single day - black shoes, black pants, black t-shirt, black jacket - this morning showed up without his jacket. Momentous. (In my head, I call him Black Jack.)

The other Real Regular - there every single day when the door opens, like me and Black Jack - I call him Ben. No idea why except he just looks like a Ben.

There are other regulars who are there on some days or most days. But, me, Black Jack and Ben are there every day. And have been now for more than a year. About 3 or 4 months ago, we started saying 'hi'. And then, one time, Amanda (who opens on Thursdays) was late and we very nearly had a conversation about it but, then we saw Amanda running to open the door. Whew.

Anyway, most of the weekend pool people were missing. I'm guessing they were outside playing. I was not unhappy to have them gone. I'm not a fan of the weekend people.

I came home and made breakfast with fresh eggs from my housecleaner's chickens. And now I'm trying to decide which thing to do next. I have my tiny room stuff out and it's bugging me. It's weird this tiny stuff. Successes are amazingly fabulously rewarding. Look at that tiny pitcher!! Failures are butchering. What a pile of mess... why in the world do I try to make this tiny stupid shit??

And then there is a mess on my dining room table that I see always.

When I put it all away, I think, I should get that out and work on it some. And then it's all out over everywhere and I think, I need to pack that crap up. At least the sewing is in a room off by itself and the crochet is in an ottoman where it's hidden (except it's now at the point where it doesn't need hiding!).

Maybe I'm just not putting the tiny stuff away for long enough. Maybe it's bigger breaks I need.

Clearly these are monumental issues.

Just now I need to clean up the breakfast stuff and hang up my wet swim suit and go for my walk before I think of too many reasons not to.

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