Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got an amazing deal on 80 k-cups of coffee at Grocery Outlet the other day. Only it turned out to flawed. The coffee has a weird after flavor. I thought it was maybe my imagination and/or temporary tongue issue, but, no, now after 4 cups of the stuff I can say that I wasted $20 on that deal. But, I'm going back today to get another brand/flavor because the price is good and, honestly, I'm not that coffee picky. Just sometimes.

It was pointed out to me on Instagram that Zoey needs a Mariners bow tie. Well, DOH! Of course she does. I can't believe I didn't see it myself. So, of course, that will be the first item of business today. I need to find my Mariners fabric scraps and a bell but I'm pretty sure that's totally doable.

There really is no have-to-do's today. I'm feeling rather in charge of stuff and it's a nice feeling.

I got a wild hair, the other day, to look up my grandparent's house on Redfin. Sadly, it's not been for sale for so long that there is precious little info on it and no inside photos. I'd love to see some pictures. I did mark it so they will send me notice of any change. I have similar setups for houses I grew up in/lived in/been in.

I have a million thoughts/ideas swirling around in my head and non is landing long enough to write about interestingly so I think I'm just going to go get dressed, hang up my swim suit and get cracking on a Seattle Mariners bow tie collar for a cat

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