Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

yes and yes

Yes the house cleaner came "I didn't look email. I forget." It was fine. The house smells wonderful and looks better. PLUS I can make a mess this week because she's coming next week so that she won't be here when my guests are here.

And, yes, the Fed Ex delivery arrived and it is a lovely package of Mariner tickets all bounded nicely and in a nice box. Zoey approved.


When I went down to get the package, my favorite Father Christmas Amazon driver was making a delivery. He started looking through his packages for mine and I said 'no, this time it was a Fed Ex delivery' and pointed to the Fed Ex pile. When I had it and turned to come back upstairs he put on a pouty face and said

"I feel like you are seeing another man and I'm jealous and a little hurt."

Cracked me up.

I'm doing laundry and I got out another tiny room kit today. But, first, I organized all my tiny room stuff. I thew out stuff I will never need and batched up the rest and put them in a box I can get to if I need more tiny stuff. Then I set out the minimum for the next project and got the first glue going.

I love love love my washer dryer. It is so much nicer and quieter than my old one with a bigger capacity and not nearly as fussy. Yeah!!

Still on my agenda is watching the sewing bee but every time I get started, something else comes along!
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