Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More randoms

I do not understand turtleneck short sleeved sweaters. Or really short sleeved sweaters at all. I do not understand shirts with cutout shoulders and long sleeves. I totally don't get puffy jackets and shorts. It's like half of you need warmth and the other half is too hot.

When I went out to do my errand today I caught the new name going on the baseball park.


Very cool.

And when I got back from my errand, I took my walk and I have proof.


I grabbed this shot for posterity. That giant two tiered road is the viaduct that is soon to be demolished. How would you like to be working in that office while some machine is eating the concrete on the other side of your glass window? Yikes.


It's sure going to look different when that sucker is gone. I need to remember to go back and replicate this shot.

And while I'm splashing pix... Here are my new favorite cookies. They are dangerously delicious.

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