Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Micro climates

Seattle is weird. Weather wise. Well, lots of ways, actually. But weather wise especially. We have lots of little climates all over town. Because we are near the ocean and part of us are actually on the water and we have gigantic city hills and weird wind directions... and probably a bascillion other reasons, on many days, if you aren't happy with the weather, you can go a few blocks and get different weather.

This morning, I left here - basically sea level - and drove to the gym - 500 feet above sea level. It was almost kind of a little bit raining. Not even enough to turn on the windshield wipers full time.

An hour and a half later, when I came out, there was nearly an inch of snow on the road and more on the grass and it was coming down like gang busters. Six minutes later, I was on the south end of the street I live on and it was still snowing but melting the minute it landed. So the roads were wet instead of white.

Now I am watching twitter where reports are coming in from all over town. 1 inch of snow in a neighborhood 5 miles west of here, none in one 5 miles northwest of here, a half inch south of here and still snowing 10 miles further north. It's wild. Here, there is neither rain nor snow falling now and only wet on the ground.

I did take it very easy coming home. I took the old way. While I'm getting used to that big scary curve coming off the bridge, no way was I going to chance it today.

I have one short car errand to do today and then my walk. And I will be making more bears. I'm finally making a dent in my fiber stuffing surplus. I still have many bears to go.

I also need to find a new book. The new one I found yesterday did not last an hour. A whiny protagonist and a reader who has no talent for reading. Deadly combo. I do love that Audible lets you return books you don't like. Easily.

Ooops I forgot that I'd run out of content and so posted this. I didn't then but I am now!

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