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The pool was packed this morning. A host of regulars and an equal number of swimmers I'd never seen before. One of the regulars is a woman - 40/45ish - who's in great shape and actually teaches water aerobics as another gym. She does not swim but, instead, jogs, up and down the length of the pool for an hour. She does now walk leisurely. She jogs. With bouncy enthusiasm. I'm guessing she does a mile. She's about my height - 5'4". The water is 3 feet deep on either end and 4.5 feet deep in the middle. The ends are pretty easy. The middle, not so much.

Today when I finished my mile, I swam to the far end of the pool and tried jogging back. For one thing, jogging is really hard in water. And, I did not have on shoes (she wears water shoes). But, I walked as fast as I could with as much bounce as I could muster for 25 lousy yards. Swimming for a mile is no big deal at all for me. I finish and I'm not even winded. Walking fast-ish for 25 yards took me several minutes to get my breath back. WTF??

I really need to get out and walk. I have fallen back into the habit of only leaving this house once in a while and only then in the car. It's the old use it or lose it situation. I really need to get off my ass and onto my legs.

So. Today I'm going to walk over the Uwajimaya at lunchtime. It's been a long time since I've had one of their poke bowls so that will be today's lunch. Also, maybe I'll pick up something for dinner.

I just squeezed out some hand cream and, since it's getting near the end of the tube and hard to maneuver, I squeezed out too much. And all of a sudden I had a flash back to being a little girl. My Mom always had hand lotion pillows in her purse. She would open one up and it was always too much so she'd say 'give me your hands'. My sister and I would quickly put our hands out like for prayer and she would rub the excess lotion in. It was a silly like moment that I loved every time. The lotion had a great smell and the sharing...

It took a few google tries but I found the exact stuff.

What a delightful trip down memory lane.

Last night's Great British Sewing Bee had them sewing simple swimsuits. It was hilarious. 5 of the 7 had no idea what to do. These same 5 had sewn beautiful and clever things in previous shows. Clearly they are accomplished sewers or they wouldn't be on the show at all, but they were a pile of thumbs over the swim suits. They were mainly baffled by the fabric. It's the same 4 way stretch fabric I use for my suits and it's a little different but not all that much. The pattern they were given was simple. Not as simple as mine but not all that complicated either. They fucked it up 8 ways to Sunday. It was hilarious. These are all people who could sew rings around me constructing anything else. But, man, I'd have eaten their lunch with that swimsuit stuff.

I need to find a new book for night time listening. And there will be bear sewing and baseball and crocheting... the usual.

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