Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yesterday morning a retweet popped up in my feed. Someone named Nicole Cliffe had tweeted asking about the kindest thing. I clicked on the replies and read them all - it took about 30 minutes and it was wonderful.

Today I went back. There are now way way way more and they have their own replies and and it takes way longer to read and is wonderful. The original thread is linked to the screenshot above.

Or just read the ones she retweeted. It's a great read for a minute or for 30. Twitter at its best.

Last year (and the year before, I think) the Mariners offered a choice of ticket form factors. Printed... you receive all your tickets at once, you lose, you fucked. OR PDF... download and print - a system that involved a whole lot of clicking and some futzing but ultimately worked ok on the ticket holder end but, turns out, the Mariners lost a bundle on counterfeit of them. Or you could use this perfectly horrible app called Ballpark.

This year, you have one choice only. That still pretty horrible Ballpark app. It's less horrible once you figure out it's convoluted process but really, I do not want to meet the people to whom that app is intuitive.

All my tickets are now loaded into that app. I have sold two parking passes now and both are still listed in the app and look just like the others, i.e. valid. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Also, I wonder what they do for people without smart phones.

On Shrove Tuesday in 2001, Mardi Gras celebration in the streets a block from here broke out in riots for the second night. The area was trashed and one guy was killed. The next day, I walked to work - down a half block and across the street - passed windows that were broken and junk littered everywhere. Then about 3 hours later, we were hit with a 6.9 earthquake that really got this neighborhood hard. It was quite the thing. I just found the web page I put up about it. 18 year old web pages are not that pretty.

Nothing big going on here today. And, hopefully. no messes. My plan is to make bears in the sewing room.

But first, there will be some book reading!

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