Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just picked up the heater remote to turn on the TV. They are both black and the same shape and size. That should not be allowed.

I was 31 years old before I ever even saw a remote. I bought a BetaMax and it has a remote. It was not wireless. BE CAREFUL - THE CABLE!!

Now about the only thing I do not have a remote for is blowing my nose. I have one for the toilet lid (bidet), one for the bedroom TV, one for the bedroom TiVo, one for the bed, one for the blinds, one for the air conditioner, one for the heater, one for the tv, one for the TiVo, one for the tv speakers.

Most of them I do not use. I use my phone or Alexa. But even so, that's too many remotes.

Having said that, it does seem ridiculous to have to get up to preheat the oven...
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