Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Just before I headed out, Instagram told me about McDonald's new donut sticks. Soooo... stop number 1 was a research mission. OMG. I have found THE NEW CRACK. They should actually be called beignet fries. Their flavor, weight, texture is all far more beignet than donut. But, actually, they could call them urine sticks and I'd still eat as many as my fat little hands could grab. They are heaven.

Then on to Amazon. They have, indeed, installed package lockers in that lobby and moved the package drop off to a far more convenient place and added packing materials so you don't even have to box up your return ahead of time. That's all great.

Not so great... to get your package out of the locker, you have to have a code that is only good for 15 minutes. There is 1 byte of cell service in that room a minute. They have wifi but it requires a password. Finally, I went outside but when I got back to the Get The Code thing, it said it had expired and I couldn't have another code for at least one minute. WTF??? I wait. 3 minutes. Finally I get another code. I go in and it says my package is available in the locker on the left. There are 9 lockers on the left. None have handles. I hear one of the doors pop open but none look open.

I do the code thing again. This time watching all 9 doors. It's the one at the bottom. I finally manage to get the fucking thing open and get my package just as a guy comes out to say 'oh I see you got it, I was going to ask if you wanted me to get it from the back.'

I explained the data problem and he said 'oh we have free wifi - Amazon Internet'... not so fast there, Amazon boy. I showed him how his free wifi was asking for a password. Ooops. It's not supposed to do that.

I did get a really nice free grocery bag out of the deal. So not the end of the world. And, if it worked correctly, it would be quite handy. Not as handy as their delivering the same day, but I can deal. I'm just glad the pickup/drop off place is so handy to me.

And I picked up a sandwich for lunch. And Zoey is a happy camper. She was waiting by her food bowl when I came in with the new cat food.

On with the day!
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