Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


In some kind of creative brain blip, I ended up getting to the gym 40 minutes early this morning. Yeah, no clue what happened there. But, I was wide awake. I drove over and filled up the car with gas and then just parked at the gym and played sudoku on my phone. I was a nice ice block by the time the gym actually opened. But, no biggie. The pool water was finally clear again and my swim was one of the best in a while.

This morning, I'm off to pick up my Amazon delivery. Apparently they have now installed lockers. There is a nice lobby there where you drop off packages so I'm guessing that's where the lockers are. It's also next to Starbucks headquarters where they have food trucks every day at 11. I just looked, however, and the ones there today aren't doing much for me. So that means that 1. I don't have to wait til 11 when the trucks get there to go and 2. I'll just pop by Blazing Bagels - in the next block - and pick up one of their amazing lox sandwiches.

Other than that, it looks to be just a regular nice day. No baseball game but otherwise the usual.

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