Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Crazy Pants

It ended up taking me more than an hour to go through and list every parking pass for the Summer. I listed them all for $50 each except for the Yankee game. I gave that one a $60 price tag just because. It's easy to go back in and fiddle with prices - up or down depending. But, for now, I've left them.

And then... 5 minutes ago. Someone bought one! Someone paid $50 to park in the stadium garage for a Mariner game against Tampa Bay on August 10! Holy crap. Tampa Bay?? FIVE months from now??? I'd love to know the why behind that one.

As it is, I'll take my $42.50 and be grateful. And welcome all other sales.

I also had a very good buy on eBay directly following a very bad one.

A couple of weeks ago I cut a bowl into my finger with the little bitty scissors. It was like a little crater. It bled forever and then looked just gross. I've kept it moist and wrapped every since and the healing process has been really interesting to watch. I'm probably a week away from needing no bandage at all. Maybe even less than that. It has not hurt in a while and now I'm down to the smallest NexCare bandages that stay on through my swimming do not even get in my way. Plus, no more tiny stuff injuries. Yeah!

Chicken pot pie from the freezer for dinner. I think I'll go ahead and pop it into the oven now.
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