Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sleeping in...

I rarely am still asleep when the alarm goes off. I usually wake up about 10 minutes before it does (4:40 am). Five days a week. On weekends, the alarm isn't set and I don't wake up at at 4:30. Today, a weekday, I did turn off the alarm but fully expected to wake up anyway. I woke up at 6. I'm kind of impressed by my ability to wake up when I need to and sleep when I don't. Nice work, brain!

As often happens to me, when I order a replacement for a thing that isn't dead yet, it immediately dies. It's like in the movies when a loved one tells a dying somebody that it's ok to let go. My Keurig is clearly letting go. It now has to be turned off and turned back on again to make coffee. It's replacement will be here before 10 and then it will be End Of Watch for this one.

missdiane has been posting pics of women's magazines of old, i.e. my youth. Today she posted a photo of salads of old... they look delicious to me but she labels them as gross. I suspect most of what I eat now would be called gross by the youngins today. There's a new place that just opened up in the neighborhood that is causing a lot of excitement for everyone but me Jujubeets sells small bottles of artisan juices for $10 and they all - ALL - look gross to me.

A while back, I first heard of the 1 Second a Day app. It was only for iphone so I didn't pay any mind to it. But this morning annabelle50 posted a video from the app that is perfectly delightful so I looked again. I've been thinking a lot about tracking stuff since working with that group at the university about home data collection anyway so I was delighted to see that not only do they now have the app on android, it is a perfectly beautiful, functional and nearly elegant app. What fun. My first second was, of course, of LJ.

This morning's project is to list all my parking passes on Stub Hub. With each of my Diamond Club Mariner tickets, I get an assigned parking space in the garage next to the stadium. Since the ballpark is down the street, I do not use those passes and so can sell them. Last year, I make a nice bit o' coin via Stub Hub. The listing of each is fiddly but well worth the effort. Most sell for about $40 and I have 20!

Ok, the new coffee maker just arrived. For once I'm glad our elevator is so slow. I had to get dressed between the time the driver buzzed and he got up here to the 4th floor. Made it. New coffee is delicious and only now do I realize how freakin' loud the old one was. It was screaming at me. RIP

I also need to do laundry today. My new rule is, when the hamper gets full, laundry. And my new washer removes the hated part of the chore.

Time to get to work!
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