Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I printed a floor!

I pulled my tiny stuff back out and set up shop again on the table in the living room. I accidentally cut into the flooring. Well, it's the paper picture of flooring that you glue on. I won't need it for a while but I got to googling and found some printable dollhouse flooring! So I printed me out some nice parquet. The room has kind of a mid century feel so I'm thinking parquet is perfect. I made a cabinet with wonky drawers that actually pull out. (They look like they were built by someone drinking heavily on the job, however.)


But, before that, I did go to Goodwill and did not find much interesting but had a nice walk around and dropped off a Smart Car full of stuff. And then on to Safeway. The one I went to in order to avoid the gross one wasn't actually that much better. Safeways used to be nice. Apparently that reign is over. At least there are two nice ones over in West Seattle where the pool is. And one of those is 24 hours. I need to stop going other places. Especially since now there is such a straight shot highway back and forth.

My house is so clean. It looks wonderful and smells better. yeah!

Some kind soul keeps uploading the British Sewing Bee and linking it from Reddit. So nice! I downloaded yesterday's episode just now and plan to watch it in just a bit.

Actually right now. It's still cold - there are still the odd little piles of snow here and there from 2 weeks ago. This afternoon, I have the insulating blinds down and the ceramic heater going. And now I'm going to pull out the crocheted blanket to work on so I can have it in my lap! Double duty.
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