Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So interesting - the pool population. Last week on Tuesday, I had the pool to myself. On Wednesday it was really crowded. Yesterday there was a swimmer in every lane - so not lonesome but not crowded. Today there was just two of us. I do not really understand other people's swimming schedules. I don't disapprove, I just don't know how they remember/decide which day they are going to swim. They probably have more active brain cells than I do. But, on the other hand, I'll bet few to none can remember all the words to the top 10 popular songs of 1963 like I can. So there.

Yesterday I sat on my fat ass all damn day crocheting. I got the blanket to the stage I wanted it and now it is all one piece, easy to pick up or put down and to hide away when not working on it. My current plan is to make a wider/different border than the one the pattern calls for. It really is a rather small blanket. More of a lap robe for a large lap. A bigger border will balance it out more and use up the left over yarn of which there is quite a bit.

That one, now I can get back to tiny stuff. Except. Today is house cleaning day. So I'll need to wait until after to pull it all out. This house needs cleaning big time. I skipped the last cleaning because of the snow. So it's been a full month and you can sure tell. Ugh.

While she's cleaning, my plan is Goodwill and then Safeway. Since the closest Safeway is gross, I'll be making the trek to the next closest. So those two errands will give her plenty of time to clean and be gone. I hope.

I think I'm about to become embroiled in an eBay dispute with a guy in Indonesia. I ordered something hastily and forgot to check his feedback which turned out to be not fab. Plus, I paid too much. No shipping yet, as far as I can tell. I requested cancellation. No response. I disputed the credit card charge. So... we shall see. It was stupid of me to even buy it (car part) from him. Some days I have more working brain cells than others - see paragraph 1 above...

I sure hope, Skeeter, that it is NOT the End of the World.

I need to get dressed.

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