Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yep. It was all the crap out screaming 'do me!!!' I cleaned it all up and then some. I had stuff in covered baskets and I even put some of those away. I used my new dining room chairs/hassocks. Sewing stuff (I cut out fabric on the kitchen counter so have all the cutting out stuff I need in a basket) in one and knitting stuff in the other. T I D Y

I also cleaned up the terrace which is very dusty right now and this led to a massive coughing fit. But one pill and one inhaler later, I'm good.

The tiny stuff is organized onto a big tray that fits perfectly on the closet shelf.

The crochet pieces are drying now and will be ready to finish putting together today and so that mess will be gone. Yes. Much better.

While I'm waiting for the yarn to dry, I think I will make that Hobby Lobby trip. My first through the new downtown tunnel.
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