Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Annoyed for no reason

I have the best life. Really. I have all the creature comforts. I have the history of a rich, fulfilled life. I really have no bucket list as I've done all of the things I wanted to do. My days are my own to do with as I please. And I'm aware and as grateful as I could possibly be and work hard to wallow in every moment.

So... when I wake up annoyed for no good reason, that really pisses me off.

Seriously, what right do I have to even think of getting up on the wrong side of the bed?? So this morning my job is to fix my attitude. I have no right to be cranky so I need to not be.

I think maybe some of it can be attributed to stuff out and mess. I have the crochet pieces all over and the tiny room stuff out and the UW homework undone and just mess. I want less mess.

So the first order of business today is to put shit away. The tiny stuff is going into the closet. The UW homework will be finished and put into the mail. The quilt stuff will be finished enough to be once again contained in the crochet basket by the end of today. And the other extra messes will be tidied up. Including the crap out that I had to get out for the laundry center install that is just tossed on the deck.

Ok, now I feel better. Now that I have a plan.

Sometime this week, maybe even today. I am going to Hobby Lobby. I have avoided Hobby Lobby forever mainly because of the company's politics. But, also because it is not handy or convenient. And, lately, very inconvenient with all the road closures and traffic issues.

But, now I can use the new tunnel to get there and I am going to just go see. I hate with good stuff (I'm looking at you Chick-Fil-A) has belief systems that are the antithesis of mine. But, I've enjoyed the occasional chicken sandwich and I am going to allow myself a visit to Hobby Lobby.

But not before I get this place in shape. On it.

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