Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Beepless in Seattle

There was drama, of course, but also triumph. Just no beeps.

And, the Mariner game got started. But after an inning and a half, it got called on account of rain. The Mariners were leading 5-0 so I call that victorious.

The washer install guy (WIG) and his assistant (WIG-ass) called around 10:30. They wanted to know where the loading dock was - haahahahaha. I explained that there was a loading area marked off for trucks at the front door. "Well, will that work for my.... [a bunch of testosterone laden measurements to indicate his truck was big] ... truck?" I dunno guy, this is the 4th time your company has come to install appliances and no one ever mentioned a truck issue.

They found parking. Once up here WIG started whining about the closet where (his company) installed the washer dryer last time and this time. "I might not be able to get this in there." He kept bitching and moaning and finally, I said, I'm sorry. There is absolutely nothing I can do to make the closet bigger or the washer dryer smaller.

Then once he got the old out, he bitched about the dust behind it... Oh, because I routinely move it out to vacuum???? I did everything he asked "Ma'm, do you have a bucket?" "Ma'm, do you have a stepladder?" "Ma'm, do you have a rag I can use to get the dust off?" And smiled the whole time.

He was a Piece Of Work. Meanwhile WIG-ass said zippo. He kind of looked like he be ok with seeing WIG go down but maybe I was just desperate for someone on my team.

Once he got the thing into place, he turned it on to test and we waited and he looked around the room and saw the giant pile of bears and asked about them. I explained that I made them and he was fascinated and wanted to know what I did with them and hilariously went from whiny and annoying to amazed and delighted. It was pretty funny.

Anyway, the new washer/dryer is here. Everything cleaned up and put back in place. And I'm totally delighted that I spent the money.

And, guess what, solteronita? This sucker has NO BEEPS at all. Not one. None for wash. None for dry. Nothing. I'm not even sure how I feel about that. I think I'm ok with it but seriously. N Beeps.
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