Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Crossing the line... there's no hope now

Yesterday I got really frustrated with a fiddly light fixture and pulled out the glue gun. I hate the glue gun because it's always such a mess and a bother but the other glue was not working.

And I was right about the glue gun. Mess. Bother. and didn't even work that well.

But, today, another set of things that were just not cooperating. So I pulled out the glue gun again. This time I had better luck. But holy crap. There was still a giant mess of glue gun strings. So I fired up Google and studied up on glue gun technique.

Slippery slope, you now have me totally.

Also, I'm getting more creative. I follow the instructions until it just makes no sense. I was trying to glue (regular not hot) down some lace curtains when all of a sudden it occurred to me that this was nuts. I got a needle and thread and did a way better, easier job of it. And used some of my own lace trim because theirs was not as nice.


But so messy. Finally I had to stop just to clean up the mess.

Korean ribs from Costco for dinner.
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