Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

$170 for paper towels and steak? Costco'd...

But, they now carry my favorite rice*! And I got a baked chicken. And Korean ribs and junk food. Plus gas. Plus car wash. So... not a totally disaster.

*I love the white sticky rice that comes in shelf stable packaging and all you have to do is nuke it. It's two small single servings or one pretty big one. It's so easy and pretty delicious. They used to only carry it at the Japanese store where they charge $3.50 but then Safeway started carrying it under their Signature label and it's just as good and often $2.50. Costco had it today 10 for $20 but, just now I went to find a photo and even Amazon has it and it has 11 five star reviews. Guess I'm not the only one.

I made two light fixtures today and a bunch of little stuff like books and pictures. The light fixtures were a bitch. I even got out my glue gun in hopes that that would help. It did not. I do not like using the glue gun so I was just as glad it was a fail. I think I finally got the fixtures to a point where they will work and look pretty good. More tomorrow.

I switched this computer - chromebook - from the stable version of the operating system to the developers version so I could try out some new stuff. The new stuff is fun but the price is high. I'm tired of shit not working. There's a beta channel that I'm hoping is going to be more stable so I going to switch.

It means wiping out everything on this computer and starting from scratch but since everything I need/use/want is in the cloud and not stored locally, BFD. When I finish this entry, I'll reboot and be back up and running in 5 mins. I love chromebooks so much.
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