Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


We seemed to have lost some swimmers since the highway close and then snow storms. Today I was the only one in the pool. I wonder if the Ballard club - which always had a full pull with people waiting - is still crowded. I like swimming with people but I'd rather be by myself than crowded.

I swam as long as I wanted and took my time showering and getting dressed and still did not run into traffic so... yeah!!!

Today I need to: make some breakfasts for the week. I think I'm going with the little egg muffin things.

Then I need to find a book to read. I started one last night that just did not take. My last few have been new books by authors that are old friends. I've run out of those. My old friends don't write fast enough to suit me. So now I have to shop around.

I should do some laundry. Maybe I'll do a load a day this week and see how that works out. I really do not like laundry maintly, I think, because I hate my washer/dryer. Maybe it's time to replace. Maybe I should do some online shopping for new today. I could use the money I saved from real estate taxes.

Otherwise, nothing big going on. I spent some time cleaning up my tiny house workstation. For this one, I'm doing it in item clusters. The bed and all its trimmings, the cupboard and all it's bits, etc. I completely finish one cluster before I go on to the next. I like it way better than the way I was doing it before. It's more organized and tidy. And way more satisfying.

In my Monday morning fog, I left my phone when I went to the pool so no selfie. But, my watch was on duty. So.

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