Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So many things to do...

All of a sudden, my todo list is overwhelming. But, just now I made a list and there is really only four things on it and one of those was so simple, I just did it rather than really write it down.

So where's this overwhelming coming from. Oh I just thought of another one.

I need to make a lasagna. I have all the goods, including sauce so it's really just boiling the noodles, assembly and baking. I think I'll do that first and get it out of the way.

I want to clean up my instagram feed. I need to cull out a bunch of people so that it's more enjoyable and does not eat up my day just catching up.

I need to do some of the research homework. I have some results and I need to start documenting those before I forget them.

And, of course, gluing.

I'm also getting to a really boring part of the blanket I am crocheting. And it's not even the most boring part. After I slog through this, then it's assembly and border which will be killers. I do want to finish it, though.

I put clean sheets on the bed bed this morning before I left for the pool. That should be a nice treat tonight. I need to do laundry because the dirty clothes hamper is full. But, I think I can squeak by another day or two. I'm going to try anyway.

Now I'm at the end of my coffee and so it's time to get to work.

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