Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Perfectly lovely day

The first Mariner game of 2019 is only 6 days away. That's very cool.

The local newspaper ran the most terrific piece. They collected a bunch of random acts of kindness stemming from all our snow. At first I thought, cute idea and some reporter got an easy assignment. But, then, as I read it, I really found myself grateful for the effort.
It's just a really nice collection of random vignettes

The two women from the data collection project came over for a short but fun visit. I have 'homework' to do and then, in a couple of weeks, we'll meet for the next phase.

They are from the University of Washington's School of Art + Art History + Design. I had to sign a document of permission and understanding and it had a nice explanation of the Purpose of the project:


In what ways do people engage with data in their homes and how can we find ways to make this data more accessible, engaging and meaningful.

The home is an emerging site of computing where data is produced and aggregated daily, supported by the rapidly growing consumer electronics' landscape. ... While promises of everyday productivity and increased security, data is rarely accessible to home dwellers and data historical logs are seldom looked at. This is problematic because it prevents transparency and refrains home dwellers from engaging with the full potential of their home devices. This research project is about foregounding this IoT domestic data and understanding in what ways it could be made relevant and accessible to home dwellers.


My homework is to come up with examples of how I currently collect data - like my list of when I set up and take down my air conditioner every year. Also data I've tried and failed to collect - like my lists of when the last time I changed batteries in stuff.

And then another piece of homework is to capture how often I do stuff. Like how many times I exhale in 30 seconds. How many times I check email in a day. How many times I do x in a week, in a year, in 20 years. (Those last two will, obviously, need to be extrapolations/guesses/predictions.)

It's fascinating to me. I barely grasp the concept of what they are trying to accomplish but I can do the tasks and they seem really interested in what I tell them, so hey, FUN!

I spent a lot of the rest of the day gluing small stuff. I'm getting better and better at this tiny stuff and I think that's what makes it funner and funner. Also I'm set up and organized to do dry by gluing. So that helps.

Here's today's work: the bed and a little gardening bench (I had to blow it up big or you couldn't see that adorable teeny tiny spade I made there on the shelf.)

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