Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A wonderful surprise!

February 15 is county tax day. It's the day they send out the bills for real estate taxes. So it's also the first day you can see the amounts online.

I logged on this morning and holymoleyrocknrolly. My total bill is about $3,000 less than expected. So YEAH!!! I had been stockpiling the cash so I paid it fast before they changed their minds. ha. I still have what is likely to be about $2000 to pay in a special tax to cover improvements to the Seattle waterfront which is near my house. Even so, I came out way ahead. Color me happy.

This morning I have two people coming from the University of Washington. They are doing studies about data collection and use and I am one of their subjects. They were supposed to come a week ago and didn't because of weather. Two postponements also got moved because of weather. So finally, they are coming this morning. I like them both - they are young and energetic and interesting and interested. I don't know what's on the agenda today but I'm sure it's going to be cool.

I got my next tiny project all organized last night. I did an inventory and sorted out all the bits and even got the first piece glued. It's going to be a good little room.

I should get dressed and get myself organized before the researchers get here.

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