Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Genius at work

I am feeling so smart. Someone needs to smack me back to reality here.

I had some ideas floating in my head on how to make that new coat work better on my fat body. I had a couple of plans. All involved needed fabric so when 10 am hit, I put the coat on and walked up the street o the fabric shop.

On the way, the solution popped right into my head. So simple. So perfect.

I bought 1/4th yard of black boiled wool. [This fabric shop has a small inventory and very little of the fun, colorful knits I love. However, this morning they had 4 - FOUR - different black boiled wools. I love the northwest but I hate its color scheme.]

Back at home I cut the coat up the back and BAM! a trapeze coat that fits perfectly. Turned out to be the easiest fix in the world. I am beside myself with joy over the whole thing.

MVIMG_20190214_104045 MVIMG_20190214_104104
IMG_20190214_104405 IMG_20190214_104809
IMG_20190214_110823 IMG_20190214_110912

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