Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I inadvertently punctured my pinky finger just at the top of the nail bed with a yarn needle (meaning not sharp enough to pierce but plenty fine enough to bruise severely). It is a paper cut situation. The bruise is right in the spot I need to leverage for cutting out more bears. It's really pissing me off.

I need a heavy coat. I made a coat earlier this year that was plenty heavy but it turned out to be not practical at all because of the shape. Plus it looked really weird. Goodwill got it. Sorry, Goodwill. So I thought I'd make another but I could not find the fabric I wanted. In looking for the fabric I fell over a ready made coat that looked perfect. on Amazon with free return. So I ordered it and it's almost perfect. Really. Except. it's too small. it was the last one. it only came in one size. it really is otherwise perfect. I spent forever looking for one that was bigger and I liked even half as much. Then looked for fabric again. Finally I decided to keep the fucking coat. I can button it but it's a stretch. I looked at the construction and I think maybe I can fix it to fit better. Regardless, I'm keeping it.

UPS promised they would deliver my next tiny house kit today. Lying liars. I hope it comes tomorrow.

I got the final bit I needed to do my taxes today so I did them. Well, not true. I did the software thing to send to the CPA so he can do them. I'm finally in a 'same as last year' situation. I have almost nothing to deduct any more. My income does not vary any more. I'm just 'hit that button again, Sam' and spit out how much I owe this year. Hopefully, not so much. My goal is to get my estimated payments to equal the taxes I owe. And since last year, he knew how the 'new tax savings' were going to cost me more this year, we set the number correctly. I hope. (And, thankyoujesus for my CPA.)

Friday I find out the exact number of for the property tax bill.

Love spending money on these things... At least this will be my last gynormous bill until next December.

I think I'm going to have Trader Joe's Orange Chicken for dinner. It's my new favorite and since I know I can get to TJ's this weekend, it's safe to eat the last one (from the freezer). So I'm going to!
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