Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tomorrow! Surf's up tomorrow

I am going to swim at my normal time tomorrow. Or at least try. It's been raining and above freezing all day. The roads near the gym look wet, not icy and the traffic looks perfectly normal. So tomorrow is the day. I'll be glad to get back.

I made more bears today... The bears are to clear out my excess fabric bits and my over abundance of stuffing. This chairful (about 35 bears) represents about 10% of the fabric and 5% of the stuffing. Bears will be in production for a long while, I believe.


And I made Zoey a new color. Her store-bought one was too tight so I reverse engineered it and made a new one that fits better.


I'm getting pretty deep into DCI Banks (Amazon Prime). I need to get back to it and make sure everyone is ok.
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