Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Finally... I got it right

I saw on instagram that Salumi was open. So my Support Your Local Businesses effort got tweaked again. But this time it was perfect. They recently moved from not terribly far away to their currently must more convenient location. They are always packed at lunch. Lines out the door so not very inviting. Today, no line! So I gleefully walked in and was greeted by 3 people with:

Them: "WELCOME!!"
Me: "Thanks and thanks for being open!"
Them: "Well, your coming in tells us the effort was worth it!"

It was a love fest. I got a sandwich and a cookie ad friendly conversation. I had half the sandwich (it was gynormous) and the other half will be perfect for dinner.

I finished the latest tiny thing and I love it.


I have my tiny 'make kit' now finally organized and perfected. Everything in one tray plus the cutting mat. It fits nicely in the closet and out of sight when not in use. It makes the doing so much more satisfying when it's tidy and I can put it all away so easily.

It's snowing again now. But the temperature is 34 so probably some rain in there, too.

Tonight there is a home owners board meeting and I think I'll go. The one in January was the big annual meeting so this one is really the first one of the year. I quit going because they pissed me off so much and because tonight's meeting will likely do the same it will also likely be my last of the year.

This association is fine financially and that's the really big thing but there are so many smaller, cheaper, easier things they should do and don't. And there are so many stupid things they do. And unless I want to get involved (which I do NOT), it's not very kosher of me to bitch out loud to them. So I just bitch here. I think they are are going to change presidents this year. I hope anyway. That's mainly what I want to go and find out.
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