Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

early this time

They said it would start snowing at 4 but they were wrong... It's 3:45 and it's starting up. This time with wind so it's snowing right to left and left to right and all over.

All the area schools are now closed tomorrow. Parents must be going nuts.

Things here are fine. I'm coming to the end of my latest tiny project. I'll be able to finish it up and put everything away tomorrow. Next one arrives on Thursday so there will be bear making going on here instead of glueing for a while.

Seriously, this snow is going nuts. Totally sideways. And it's snowing all over the indoor/outdoor carpet on my terrace.

I am sorry I can't get to the pool but I am so grateful that I have no where I have to be, no one I have to do anything for, no plans to cancel. It's wonderful just to be able to enjoy the snow.

Oh goodie! One of the people upstairs just sent an email with interest in my loveseat. They are on their way down to check it out. I so hope they want it and take it away.

SWEET! They did! She has a little photography studio and it will be perfect for that. I did some room rearranging and it is all now just excellent. That's a nice bit of doing there.

Time now to watch Friday's Jeopardy before I get off my ass to make dinner.
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