Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Piddling the morning away

While I was swimming this morning, I tackled the problem of the blanket I am crocheting. I have no use for it. None. It does not work in my living room in any capacity. The texture is wrong, the colors are wrong and I don't need a blanket in the room.

I thought about giving it away but to whom? Who would want it and how do I connect with them? As with the bears, the idea of chasing down people to beg them to take my stuff is just anathema to me. I need a charity agent.

The blanket is not something I want on my bed because it's not something I want to sleep with. I thought about ways to make it sleep worthy but came up with nothing that I'm wild about (although that situation is not entirely off the table).

Then I thought decoration at the end of my bed. I now have a small loveseat there that I really don't love. It only serves to house shit that should be put away. The room is small. Getting rid of that sofa would help the roominess of the room. But, the end of the bed isn't particularly attractive.

Anyone who walks from my front door to my living room passes the bedroom which has no door (loft living) so sees the end of the bed. Blanket rack? For the crocheted blanket? Hiding the end of the bed? Is that the answer????? hmmmmmm

So, that's where I've been for the past hour. Googling blanket racks and quilt stands. Ugh. Everything is so freakin ornate or oak. I found one out of copper pipe that is interesting. But, at least now I have something of a plan.

I broke down and turned on the heater this morning. It was 65 (18 c) in here. It's now 67 and much better.

Seattle is girding up its loins for Friday night/Saturday morning's snow. Predictions are getting crazy. I'm ready for whatever.

I think I'll get to work this morning on my tiny-ness and then, maybe while the glue is drying, I'll make some bears. In other words, the uge.

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