Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Between the snows

Again, an easy new route to the pool. But this time, the gym opened!! There was lots of talk about yesterday 'we arrived just in time to see you leaving... not a good sign' 'who ever thought to check their app??' But, it was fine and the swim was good. I did 1 hour's worth and then hustled out of there. I was on the road by 6:15 and the traffic was totally fine. When they open up the final exit of the new roadway, it will be even better - better traffic wise and I will have a new option for coming home as well.

Tomorrow looks fine as well and then ... All the weather peops are predicting snow. Most are saying Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and some are now adding Monday. So, in other words, buckle up.

I need some lunch fixin's and some produce so today or tomorrow I think I'll make a trip out to stock up. I might even make a little excursion to Costco. Regardless, I'll be ready to just sit back and enjoy.

I think I'm going to get started on the latest tiny house today. Interestingly, the wall paper arrived with a fairly significant rip and a couple of minor tears. I'm pretty sure I can hide the damage. But, I did send an email to the customer service address in the package to let them know. Last night I got a note from them saying they were sending me a new kit. I replied quickly that that was not necessary. I allowed as how I'd love a different one or a coupon for reduced price on some of their other kits but that really they didn't need to send me a new kit. I'll be interested to see what happens and I was impressed with their offer.

Ok, time to get up and get going with this day!

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