Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

glass half full

sewwwwww... if we're to believe... heavy snow Thursday and Friday right here. hmmmmmm I'm choosing to celebrate a winter wonderland OR celebrate being able to get to the pool for a swim. I figure that if I am going to happy with either, I will not be disappointed. That's the plan, anyway.

I did reconsider my being pissed at the gym. The guy who answered the phone last night probably wasn't told OR they might not have even made the decision to open late until after the gym closed. There is not a lot of ways they have for keeping me informed - guy when I called, note on the front door, their website OR their app. The easiest for me, is note on their app which is exactly what they did. PLUS now that I know they do that now, I can check that very easily when I first get up. So... ok.

IF heavy snow, this info will be tested. Soon.

Another happy annoyance. The Mariners just published their Spring Training TV broadcast schedule. On the one hand, they are going to be televising more games and earlier games than ever before. On the other hand, my current cable package does not include that channel. But, because my cable company is so cool, I was able to pop my cable person a quick note asking to have her turn on the Mariner channel on the day of the first game. On the other hand, that little maneuver is going add $70 onto my bill (which comes out to about $3 a game).

BUT I will also get a bunch of channels I have not had since last Fall - like HGTV and TNT and USA and BBCAmerica... so not a tragedy.

And... guess what came today??!!


This time I have a game plan for how to set it up and organize it for assembly with, hopefully, the least amount of chaos and confusion.

And... also today came my Zozo suit!


It's a website that sells clothes which I have no intention of buying BUT their deal is that for $4 you order their suit and use it to get 3 dimensional measurements of your body. I'm in it for the measurements! They even include a little camera stand. And, yes, when I do it, I will take a picture of me in that hilarious suit.

So... lots of inactive action here today! More bears made and even more bears cut out. I'm making an impressive hole in my fabric stash and an almost noticeable hole in my stuffing stash.
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