Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All dressed up...

I called the gym last night and was assured they'd be open at 5 this morning. Lying liar with pants on fire. I got all suited up and got there to discover that, apparently, they did not plan to open til 6. This according to one note in their app. The website was mum. No notes on the doors or anywhere else. The usuals were all there, plus a couple more. No joy.

No way I could swim at 6 and hope to make it home in the traffic between 7:30 and 10 am so I just got back in the car and came home. Not so much traffic at 5 am. coming this way either. Sigh.

I did try out the newly opened intersection which now allows me to dodge about 10 blocks of traffic lights and a ramp that is a curve up a giant hill and always dicey even in great weather. So. I do like the new way. The new way home should be open next week-ish sometime and I'm thinking it's going to be as nice.

But, now, here I am, no swim. Again. Oh well. My fitness tracker is probably going to declare me dead.

Schools are closed again. I can see why. I had no trouble but I was careful. I avoided hills and one road I normally to get into the gym parking garage looked like an ice rink. I was able to get in but took a different road out that, actually, didn't look that much better.

So again... bears and the usual entertainments.

The Great British Sewing Bee starts again on February 12th at 9 pm on BBC Two. I need to figure out a way to see it. I'm not sure a standard VPN will work without a proper iPlayer account. And, at least in past years, the peep holes get closed as soon as they open up. Heck, the episodes used to be uploaded to YouTube... ahhh the good old days.

It's still early early early but heck, early bear catches?? I'm on it.
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