Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swim ready

I hate to look a gift flake in the nose but... as much as I love snow, this particular snow was kind of hard to love. It wasn't beautiful. It snowed for hours and hours and hours and I'll bet we didn't even get an inch here on my street. It just closed everything. Places that opened, closed early.

I just called the gym and they were open (at least one gym near there did not open at all) and a very cheery guy said that they would be open at the regular time tomorrow.

Other local peops noted that the big tall bridge I have to go over to get there was all outfitted for slick this morning. They had salted and/or whatever to make it dry and unslippery overnight and the people who were on it even early this morning said it was easy going so I'm expecting the same.

I've had too many non swim days. I'm ready to get back into the water! ut, I did make bears and crocheted octagons and my ribs are going to make a fine dinner so day not wasted. But, still. I'm ready for a regular day. My tracker says 2500 steps is not enough steps and I agree.
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