Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

update - still snowing

IMG_20190204_075731 IMG_20190204_075753
IMG_20190204_075803 IMG_20190204_080354
IMG_20190204_081215 IMG_20190204_081923

That's an Uber Rent A Bike, the ready for tear down viaduct, the mechanics of the new tunnel (the lights in there rotate through colors continuously), moi, the boats in the parking lot from my terrace and You Know Who.

My foray out into the flakes was short. It was so windy. The wind chill made it not as much fun as it could have been. Or, said another way... FUCK IT WAS COLD! I walked over to the new interchange to see what I could see. Turns out, it's confusing. I had to come home and restudy the maps to figure it out. They made new roads/access/ramps and reconnected old ones and some aren't open yet and the signs are either not finished or just flat out confusing.

Once I try it out, it will be fine but at least now I know that my original plan to get from here to the pool was wrong. Well, not wrong, but certainly not at all the most straightforward way. I get it now. Or at least enough to get to the pool.

And then I came home. I think the rest of this snow storm will be enjoyed from my living room.

I'm making honey garlic ribs in the slow cooker. My guess is that they will either be spectacular or inedible. The ribs were on sale and I had all the other ingredients on hand so outlay $6. I have a backup for dinner if fail.

The Winter Weather Advisory has now been extended to 1 pm. I think I'll go make some bears.
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