Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Snow! Glorious snow!

It was snowing just a little when I went to bed. None of it was sticking to the ground. And the forecast said it was going to stop about 1 am.

So, I'm actually kind of impressed that I stopped to look when I got up this morning before I put on my swimsuit... Yikes! Snow all over the boats parked in the stadium parking lot after the boat show. Snow on the road.

NFW was I going to attempt the hilly bridge to the pool. I didn't get a whole lot of extra sleep but enough. Finally I got up and turned on the TV to get snow reports.

It's still coming down at a lovely clip. I wish it would hurry up and be daylight so I could actually see it.

My breakfast egg 'cake' was delicious. Nuked it for 30 seconds and then plopped it in the center of a toasted English muffin. Success.

I think I'm going to get dressed and get ready and then have another cup of coffee and wait for daylight. Then I'm going to go snow walk!

Just read this on Twitter from the Seattle Weather Blog:

"In the past 7 years, @SeaPubSchools has only been closed TWICE due to snow: Today and Feb. 6, 2017."

Yeah. We've waited long enough. It's just getting light now... I'd say another 20 minutes and I'll be crunchin' snow! on my own street!
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