Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So, what did you do today?



First I took the Official Spring Training Jersey that I won off the new pitcher the other night and added some side panels so it will fit over my ample ass. I used the fabric from some pajama pants they gave out as swag last year. Now I'm all set. (I would like to note that the fabric and the badges/labels on official major league stuff is really junky. The PJ's fabric isn't much better. BUT, I will look fabulous!)

Then I made some teddy bears. I used to knit teddy bears by the dozens and make dolls by the double dozens and then I stopped. The place I gave them all to closed down and I never found another place as easy and fun as that one for donations. And I wanted to knit and sew other things and crochet things.

But lately I've been hearing the call of the bear and it's been amplified by my having about 75lbs of stuffing plus two full shelves of cotton that I'd like to use up. So I found a fun, easy peasy pattern and whipped up a couple. And then made some changes and whipped up another and then made a template and whipped up another.

I'm dicking around with face elements. I think I like the felt but the one on the far right is painted and that sure is easy. The paint is really a paint/glue and it takes a long time to dry so I'm reserving judgment.

My plan is to cut out a bunch o' bears and maybe even do the faces ahead of time and then assemble and stuff as the spirit moves - in between stuff or maybe in batches... I have no plans for them. Maybe Goodwill. Maybe Mary's Place (shelter for families). No one is begging and I'm not at all interested in calling around looking for places to take them so we'll see what's happening when the volume hits Do Something.

But, I like them. A lot. So there will be more.

I just remembered about the cheesey chicken that's in the Instant Pot. I need to formulate a backup in case it sucks. Scratch that. I just peeked. It's going to be fine.

Now I think I'll watch a little TV and do a little crocheting.
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