Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No signal... grrrr

So, I was sitting here having a cookie while I contemplated my next move when my internet went out. Cut to testing testing testing and, turns out, my TV cable is out as well.


I called tech support which was not a terrible experience. Except while she could see that I had no modem action, she couldn't see why. So tech call. She first said Friday (WTF????) and then went back to check and came back with an 8 hour window tomorrow.

It's bad. Really bad. But, not quite as bad as no electricity. Although my mind keeps listing towards that direction... Yes, I will be able to cook dinner without the internet. And even watch TV because I've got stuff saved on TiVo. And there's really nothing on tonight that I need to record. But still, it still feels isolating.

I am currently using my neighbor's internet. And I'm quite appreciate that she keeps an open network available for guests. (I do the same... except for today.)

Maybe I'll go sew some more or read a book or do some laundry or ... I can't seem to do anything but stare at the modem trying to will that stupid internet light to come back on. Grrrrrr

One note... I am one of the very lucky few who has three internet choices (cable or fiber with one company and cable with another) and two cable TV choices. I have had Comcast in the past and am currently with a smaller company WAVE. While I don't, normally - have no reason to - I am not above playing one off the other. Today the tech tried to sell me a $4 a month service contract in case the problem was my equipment. I told her using the nicest possible voice, no thank you, and 'to pass along to your sales/marketing folks, it would be easier and way cheaper for me just to flip to Comcast rather than add yet another expense to my bill. I can't help but think that that mention might have been what urged her to get me tech help tomorrow instead of having to wait for Friday.

I'd hate to have to go to Comcast for a lot of reasons but I will if I have to. In the grand scheme of things, the trade off is about even steven.

Oh well, tomorrow will come. I hope.
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