Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis



Progress. I feel way better. Tidier and more organized. And happier about the teeny tiny house. I will finish it up tomorrow. Right now the sectional sofa is in a whole lotta sections drying and the wobbly breakfast table legs are getting a re-glue and the high chair is resting from its final glue. Oh and the tea table is also drying.

And the mess is gone. AND I was able to put the table leaf away so that now, while the table still has junk all over it, at least it's not eating up the room.

I still have no idea what I'm going to do with it. And, yes, I'm now trying to decide on my next one.

My financial advisor called today so apparently, he's back in the saddle. Whew. A traditional IRA is set up so that when you hit the age of 70.5, you have to withdraw a percentage of the funds. Guess who's hitting 70.5 this year? I have to figure out how much of the withdrawal I want to hold out for taxes. For this government? $0! On the up side, it means I will not have to sell any of my investments next year for the monthly withdrawal I make to live on.

That goddamn dog(s) next door have another case of barkitis. Saturday, Sunday, now. I sent a note to the leasing agent saying that I was only documenting so far, not actually make-it-stop complaining.

I think it's crochet time. I love being retired.
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