Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

10 years ago

The 10 years ago photos were interesting but not for me. I at age 70, I look about the same as I did at age 60. Yawn. But the LJ 10 years ago hits my sweet spot. What a fun thing.

Very rarely do I wander back through the 17 years of entries I've made in this journal. Usually it's to verify or find a date when a thing happened. Never just to re-vist.

But this morning I did. 10 years ago I was slogging my way across the street to the gym every day. God how I hated that. I made myself do 30 minutes on the treadmill and cheated whenever I could. I was working from home so without the gym, I probably put in maybe 1,000 steps a day. Maybe.

But also 10 years ago, I got my very first GPS device. It provided directions on a screen. I do remember the freedom it gave me. Now I could go wherever I wanted and if I got lost, No Big Deal. Even if I got in the wrong lane, big whoop, the device would show me how to get right again. I loved it. I think I traded up one time after that to a better device before the phone took over. I cannot imagine trying to go anywhere while map/tracking now.

Well, I can get to the pool and home. This morning, I really watched the time and cut my swim short and really too short. I could have done another 100 yards, I think. I did beat the traffic on the bridge quite nicely. Tomorrow, I think I'll try to get in that extra yardage. 4 more days to go. 3, if I take Friday off again.

Today I'd like to make a real push for getting the miniature house done. I am enjoying the process and don't want to rush it, but I'm not enjoying the mess and do want it gone by Wednesday if possible. If I do this again. And, I'm afraid I will, I will be more tidy about it all. I have a plan for making it easier, less tedious and more organized so tidier. But, it's too late for this one. I just need to slog through and I will. I got a whole lotta little fiddly shit done yesterday, so here's hoping.

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