Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I did another nice, long, swim today and it was even better. The sun was not out so I didn't get blinded like yesterday and the only other pool people were regulars that I like and not even many of them. It was just a lovely swim. Between yesterday and today, I swam enough yards to make up for skipping Friday. Maybe that will be my thing this week. Skip Friday. I'll see how the traffic goes.

Today will be a lot of little glueing. I thought yesterday that I was nearing completion but then I realized just how many little things had yet to be done. And the littles are the most time consuming. They are all pretty much glue, wait for glue to dry, glue next tiny bit, wait for it to dry, etc.

I'm kind of out of breakfast inspiration. My ideal is to come in from swimming and have something ready to nuke with coffee. One dish or fewer used in prep/eating. Includes an egg. Is filling enough so that I don't snack all morning. I have one idea to try that involves minimal pre-prep and I may do that today. But, meanwhile, I laid in some hard boiled eggs and english muffins.

I'd like to spend the next 30ish days not spending a lot of money. I'll feel better after I see how much the real estate tax bill will be. That comes out on February 16. I'm thinking it's going to be $8-9,000. I'll be delighted if it's less. And then just after that is my birthday which is going to be expensive but sooooooo worth it. So I'd like to make sure my cash buffer is buffed up to the max.

I just got a text from USPS that I have a package coming from Dallas, TX tomorrow. I got nothing on order from there. Quite the mystery. I love it.

Now it's time to move this ass over to the dining room table and get gluin'.

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