Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Need to pee just a little tiny bit? I've just just the place


Bathroom is done. I'm waiting for the glue to try now so I can put on the bedroom floor. Also waiting for the computer desk/chair bits to dry so I can finish those up. Coming along but Waiting For The Glue To Dry has become my full time job.


My cellphone plan is $20 a month PLUS $10 per gig of data used. Since most of my time is spent here at home on wifi (Waiting For The Glue To Dry), I generally use less than a gig of data a month so my bill is normally just under $30. BUT... this month it's nearly $45.

That $15 difference is Christmas Eve. We had no electricity from 2 pm til 10 pm but I had my phone. And I used it. I should send an invoice to Seattle City Light for that $15!
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